Recommended Links and Sermons

180 Movie

Evolution VS God

Discernment Ministries

Alpha & Omega Ministries
Dr James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries is a staunch apologist that has done over 150 real debates with Muslims, JW’s, Roman Catholics and more

Fighting For The Faith
There is no shortage of crazy things being said out there. Pastor Chris Rosebrough takes the time to actually put things back into context by opening up the Bible and using sound biblical exegesis and hermeneutics, to test and see what the most popular pastors, preachers, teachers, conference speakers, and those put forth by the “Evangelical Industrial Complex” are saying to the Church and to the world.

He “fact checks” what they say to see if it actually squares with what God’s Word says. He encourages you to look at the Bible to see if they are preaching and teaching historic, biblical, Christian, orthodox theology and doctrine, or if they are twisting God’s Word, teaching for shameful gain what they aught not to teach.

Apprising Ministries
AM was the vision and is the archived work of its president, the late Rev. Ken Silva, an ordained SBC minister who has been led of the Lord to move beyond the typical “plus-minus” type of apologetic so common today and to return to more of the aggressive polemic an Irenaeus might use. Although what is written at AM may often be quite blunt, considering the time of rampant apostasy in which we now live, this also is by design.

Much more coming soon!