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┬áBrethren, we want to thank all that have supported us and ask for your continued support. To those that haven’t we ask that you please consider partnering with us in the Lords work. It is all so very important, needed and greatly appreciated.

Prayer plays such a vital role in all of our Christian walk and when it comes to spiritual battle, it’s kind of like a war time walkie-talkie that we as soldiers use in the midst of that battle. We understand we are in a fight we cannot win on our own but we have a Master and King that is infinite in power and we can go to Him for much needed supplies! The prayer support that you guys bring is vitally important as much of this battle is fought in prayer. Calling out to our God for His help for we cannot do this without Him. He helps us fight fears and self love so we can boldly proclaim His word! He guides our eyes and minds and by His grace keeps us from stumbling. And ultimately only God can bring regeneration through the proclamation of the gospel!

The encouragement we get from you helps immensely in all kinds of seasons. At times we can get down and frustrated and something seemingly as simple as an encouraging word can cause a radical change in our overall demeanor! Other times it’s exactly what helps us keep going on long days out on the streets at big events.

The financial support is also vital. We simply cannot do what we do without your financial gifts. It helps us get the tracts which we distribute to others here in America and we even ship some oversees to help support evangelists Micheal in India and Emmanuel in Africa! The gifts also greatly help with travel expenses as well as banners, shirts and hats! The banners are great because people that would never hear the preaching or take a tract will read the banners. I cannot tell you how many times we have witnessed people taking pictures of them from inside buildings, driving by in a vehicle or stopped to take a picture as they were walking by. It’s great to see how God uses the shirts and hats to start conversations at work, in stores…everywhere we go!

Please consider partnering with us by clicking the friendly yellow button below. You can do a one time gift or you can set up a monthly gift which is a great way to help!

A huge thank you for helping us bring the light of Gods word to this dark and dying world that so desperately needs it!