This Is Who We Are

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Here are a few of us


Quite simply we are born again Christians. We are individuals who have, by the grace of God, come to see our sin, to see our depravity, our wretched state before the one true God and have fled to the only one that can save, the Lord Jesus Christ as our only refuge.

We have a great desire for the glory of God and for the salvation of souls which is why we go forth into the public arena proclaiming the full council of God. We love the true gospel and know that it alone is the power of God unto salvation of all His people! We open air preach, we hold signs, we hand out tracks, we fly banners and we do this all because we know that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God, Romans 10.

We are a diverse group of individuals. We come from many backgrounds, go to different churches, live in different areas, but we have one common passion, one thing that binds us, one great love because He loved us first and that is to exalt the name of Jesus Christ. The name that is above every name for at the name of Jesus every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, to the glory of the Father, that Jesus Christ is Lord!

This is why we go into the highways and byways, to college campuses and street corners, to farmers markets and sporting events. Because when it comes right down to it, all people are sinners and need the salvation that only comes through Jesus. They need to hear about the goodness and severity of God, that He is going to pour out His wrath on the wicked but is offering mercy and forgiveness to all those that repent and trust alone in Jesus Christ!



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